When, thus, humans, humans of the modern day lose their inner consciousness, are deprived of their own skills to their eternal surroundings and misuse the focus of the central mind, but mainly, disabled to think for themselves, their Third Eye (Pineal Gland; the universe of the mind) is ousted by major types of Medias and Sociality because of its mass sensivity against what embraces it, influences it, captures its unusual attention by Utopian surprises. Those who benefit from its control over it make us strive beneath a system of totalitarian control that yet keeps us closed-minded so we remain unbalanced of our own thoughts and follow generational guides we are assembled to obey in obedience. 
We, most of us, have abandoned skills of survival, endurance, perception, charisma, and independent mindset that we have became more dependent on the corporations, bankers, industries and Media that prohibits us from thinking from ourselves that we are to be educated without question by intercepting the hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of corporate-staffed governments implanting what the Elites of corporations demand to extract by the interests of the public dissidence controlled like the sheep of a herd to slaughter, we are lead to follow the light of the Elites, or should i say "Cabal".  
To bring back yourself into the natural ordinance of humanity, you must live independent and fulfill the means of the abstract of living care-free without dependence. 
We must use the trust in the public, it may seem hard to trust anyone but growing a bond of relation is the solution

Stephen Harper
10/4/2012 12:09:21 am

Everything is true, n0thing is R3al, everything is all lies, ALIENS are the illuminati, Dem0ns are the internet. N0TH1NG 15 R34L

What They Don't Want You to Know
10/4/2012 12:20:24 am

What They Don't Want You to Know

In order to understand anonymous you need to realize that everything is controlled by a group of made up of with help from illuminati.
The conspiracy first started during in New York. They have been responsible for many events throughout history, including 9/11.

Today, members of the conspiracy are everywhere. They can be identified by their hand symbols.

They want to rebel and imprison resisters in using go-karts.

In order to prepare for this, we all must pack our bags and leave for the unknown country. Since the media is controlled by Stephen Harper we should get our information from aliens.


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