To translate the definition and meaning of the context of the "Great Perhaps" through perception to our surroundings and reality we think through, to let our answer out by what we can think idea by idea is the answer. In my ideal theory, i think the Great Perhaps means a question to life and walk through life that you question a future you take steps in. It can also represent an opinion to life that we explain through our reference of experiences and feelings towards empathy of our atmospheric euphoric perspective. It's a cycle that is emitted by what we choose to act upon in our lives that we become entitled to for our own comforts, stresses and realities we visualize to live in. But we are living in realities we question why they depend on us and are stimulated commonly by many others where consciousness is lost and the development of the human soul is decayed into developments of struggle, difficulties and stages of puzzles we try to solve but incite ourselves to make it harder to piece in order to find out what we are truly dedicated to and inspired through and as for defiance of yourself for being in "The Present" means to serve your life towards what you're doing now and know what's happening around you before it's thrown into the past tense. 
        "These are just visual dreams but inside us they are screams and in the outside they are spiritual beams and they are physics to life but they are immortal strifes, we never question what we had but we look at our history, no lights shining as the answer we are defining to our uncoded story. No future ahead when i don't do the check to check to see where i left, i go ahead doing what life is meant to be, i go ahead and make the priority nature of me, i go ahead and fight the struggles with my celestial beings with fine tunes glimmering like my mind's moons and it is a mission to keep walking to the truth while everything around me is being thrown into the depth of the dark when the past is the transmission i sense and the sense i evolute is just past tense and never comes alive and there's never a time where your mistakes tell your passion to die because our souls will fly around what we love but attract us to what we hate and our realities decay so ablate."

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    October 2012