On September 12th, a US Ambassador, Christoper Stevens was killed by "Angry Libyan Islamists" outside his consulate/embassy as claimed by the Media which the masses are believing the attack was carried out because of an Anti-Islam film produced by an Israeli-American who's part of the Neo-Conservative Clarion Fund-esque. A propaganda-film producer. But the attack was not what it seems to be, it was manipulated by a different backtrack of a lead-on false flag. As this film was released on YouTube, it sparked widespread protests across the Middle East which equalled in a result of attacks on US Embassies like the one in Cairo, Egypt where Salafist Egyptians stormed the Embassy, took down the American flag and replaced it with an Jihadist Al-Qaeda flag. 
       This film was created on purpose by the Zionists who want to complete their New World Order agenda by rearranging the Middle East, this film was made to spark protests across Arab nations in order to forge and maintain a strategy of tension and fear that will drive a divergence between religions, Western civilizations, and Islam to promote violence in the Arab World which will then accelerate perpetual wars. This strategy is a specific counterpart for NATO and the Western allies that use this tactic to have an excuse to intervening in certain nations where violence has increased. 
     Now, back to the situation in Libya, the plan on attacking the US Ambassador was actually planned by an Egyptian Al-Qaeda leader, Ayman al Zawahri, who sent a militia death squad of 20 professional covert Al-Qaeda gunmen. These gunmen were to take revenge on the United States who killed one of the organization's top operatives, the Libyan-born Abu Yahya al-Libi in June 2012 by a US Predator Drone strike  in northwestern Pakistan. And the only way to attack the US Consulate was by emerging a protest of a hundred angered Libyans who were "offended" by the Anti-Islam film insulting the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. The protest was needed to pull off a path to attacking the Embassy. The Media had claimed that an RPG was fired but the gunmen infiltrated the Embassy tactically and the Ambassador was captured, lynched, sodomized and raped while 4 of the American guards guarding the Embassy were injured by gunfire. 
    The United States has now sent a C-130 of 50 USMC special forces troops to Benghazi and two USS destroyers with aircraft, tomahawk cruise missiles and battle weapons are on their way to the Libyan coast with no specific mission, but there could be another invasion possible. The West might try to initiate more planned false flags in order to bring in foreign intervention to create distortion that they're "fighting" Al-Qaeda in Libya when they're willing to militarize the nation. But, the "rebels/freedom fighters" in Libya based as the LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) listed as a terrorist organization is funded, backed and trained by the West itself which John McCain labels them as "patriots", and they're the same patriots who were ordered to kill the US Ambassador. 
      These same rebels of the LIFG are operating in Syria, in which why my Syrian government is claiming that the violence is being orchestrated outside the country where the rebels are trained, armed and deployed into Syria from Turkey's Iskenderun and Gazientep regions that border Syria's Idlib and Aleppo (Halab) provinces. They're also responsible for all crimes in Syria in which is used as regime change in the country to blame the Syrian Government.

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